Dropped Bits — Issue #2

Welcome to issue #2 of Dropped Bits, the humble tech newsletter. This issue come with big a change: considering the amount interest and the amount of news I’d like to share, Dropped Bits will now be delivered to your inbox weekly, starting next week. So expect #3 to be dropped on Feb 23.

And now, let’s dive in. I hope you find here some interesting readings.

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Top News

AWS Secrets Manager now supports rotation windowsaws.amazon.com
AWS Secrets Manager now supports the ability to schedule secret rotations within specific time windows. With this feature, you can limit secret rotations to specific hours on specific days. Previously, Secrets Manager supported automated rotation of secrets within the last 24 hours of specified rotation interval. With today’s launch, you no longer have to choose between the convenience of managed rotations and the operational safety of maintenance windows.

Apple patches WebKit zero-day exploited by hackerswww.bleepingcomputer.com

A new WebKit zero-day vulnerability has been found to be exploited in the wild by attackers. Apple has release updates for Safari and their operating systems embedding it. The latest releases are iOS and iPadOS 15.3.1, watchOS 8.4.2 and macOS Monterey 12.2.1. You can read about the security contents here. Below an article by Bleeping Computer on the matter.

Notion New Privacy Policynotion.notion.site

Notion Labs, Inc. the company behind the almighty productivity and note-taking tool has update its privacy policy. Unfortunately changes have not been highlighted and they don’t provide the previous version for comparison.

About App Store and market regulations

Apple doesn’t want to loose its advantages in an upcoming open app market, nor Google wants, yet governments are still failing to envision the bigger picture to spot the real issues.

Below, news by 9to5mac and an analysis by Dirk Auer.

Apple will charge 27% commission for app purchases made using alternative payment systems in the Netherlands — 9to5Mac9to5mac.com
Apple today provided some additional details about how it will allow dating apps in the Netherlands to offer alternative payment systems, in compliance with a legal decision (that Apple is simultaneously appealing). The biggest tidbit from this is the reveal of the ‘reduced’ commission structure. Apple typically charges 30% commission on purchases made using its […]

TIL corner

life of a DNS querywizardzines.com
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Tool of the week

For all those times you have to fill blank spaces with words you don’t have yet…

lorem-ipsum — npmwww.npmjs.com
Generates passages of lorem ipsum text suitable for use as placeholder copy in web pages, graphics, and more. Works in the browser, NodeJS, and React Native.. Latest version: 2.0.4, last published: 4 months ago. Start using lorem-ipsum in your project by running `npm i lorem-ipsum`. There are 197 other projects in the npm registry using lorem-ipsum.

Tip: if you’re on WSL the --copy option won't work. Use this workaround: setup an xclip alias (like this alias xclip='clip.exe'), then pipe che command output to it. For example: lorem-ipsum 3 paragraphs | xclip.

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